Portrait Boutique Guesthouse



Portrait photography is a style of photography that is up close and personal, and can be distinctly intimate, where a subject allows the capture of all their vulnerabilities. There is a special connection between the subject and photographer, with a deep sense of trust required in these bonding moments. The eyes being the windows to the soul is something that we find deeply profound and where we discovered our inspiration for our guesthouse.

Each portrait, some of which we have taken ourselves, speaks to us in a variety of ways and has induced thought provoking moments of time, concept, culture, history and life. They make a powerful statement. We have several of these artworks being exhibited and we hope you derive a sense of appreciation as much as we did.

Freckled Face

Undefeated El Salvadorian Woman

Woman Seller in Cambodian Temple

Eye See You

The Black Thinker

John the Elder


1000 Yard Stare

Exquisite Islam